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This is a link to the Vanderbilt Divinity Library which is an easy way to read the scriptures for the current week  of  the year. Simply click the link below the header “READING FOR THE COMING WEEK” to read the scriptures from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

Somebody to Call His Name

By Rutha Turner Jones, penned on Dec 16, 2013

In the quiet of silence, I heard Him say, is somebody calling my name?

The angels cry, hosanna!

Is there anybody on the earth calling my name?

The angles cry, hosanna! 

My heart longs to hear somebody on the earth calling my name.

Somebody calling on Jesus!

In the quiet of silence, I heard Him say, will you call my name?

And out of my belly came a cry like no other, Jesus!

I’ll call your name, Jesus! Jesus!

I’ll be the voice in the earth calling your name.

Jesus!  Jesus! Jesus!

In the quiet of silence, I heard Him say, I’ll answer.

(by permission of the author, Rutha Turner Jones)

The Christian Allegiance

A poem by Paul Thurston

Here is a poem written in Bremerhaven, Germany by Air Force First Lt. Paul Thurston in a letter to his mother Edyth Thurston.  It was published in the Fernandina News-Leader on 2 April 1980.  Mr. Thurston has since retired from military service and is a current active member and serving God as a memeter of Trinity’s Board of Trustees.

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